UnitedDex offers Project Cargo Services for heavy industrial equipment and over dimensional tools.

Project cargo services are complex operations requiring security, care and attention. We provide intricate planning, management and execution through the supply chain to minimize difficulties. This service supports many sectors including Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction, and Mining.

This type of equipment also requires additional customs and local clearances and documents. Our considerable worldwide experience as well as our reputation for compliance and excellence, makes us your ideal partner in navigating these specific processes. We provide complete insurance through the supply chain cycle that adheres to HSE, FCPA and QA/QC compliance practices.

Our extensively trained engineers, employees� expertise and technical knowhow in the field, make us confident about the management and application of our cargo services. We work closely and professionally with you to help you analyse your project�s requirements.

We specialize in complex cargo logistics and cover various countries worldwide with strong support from global networks and UnitedDex managed offices throughout the Middle East.

We specialize in complex cargo logistics and cover various countries worldwide with strong support from global networks and UnitedDex managed offices throughout the Middle East.

Our catered soft solution system offers our clients complete visibility and Real Time Tracking of the critical operations that Special Project Cargo pass through.

UnitedDex offers a wide range of special Project Cargo Services:

Heavy Lift & Over Dimensional Transportation

UnitedDex is experienced in handling overweight and oversized products. We offer a unique consultancy and design solutions in over dimensional and heavy cargo supply chains.

Our transport engineers and skilled team ensure safety and security in onshore and offshore transportation, guaranteeing punctual transportation to on road and remote areas.

UnitedDex utilizes all transportation mediums including: sea, air and land freights, LCL, door to door, as well as full and partial charters, guaranteeing safe carriage from pick up to delivery, with complete client control and visibility throughout the supply chain.

We arrange all police escorts and services according to the strictest regulations and codes of conduct of each country.

Route Planning

UnitedDex Project Cargo Services include developed route planning, assessment, survey and road safety for Out Of Gauge and Overweight Cargo.

Route survey planning and analyzing improve logistics and supply chain processes by facilitating risk assessment and management.

Our road survey system is well planned and executed to minimize costs and ensure an effective and efficient operation.

We follow door to door necessary authorizations and road permits, and build professional relationships with local authorities, adding value to our operations with reliability and experienced hands.

HSE & Compliance

UnitedDex is accredited by the ISO 9001, 2008 for Quality, offering high quality services that are recognized and respected worldwide.

We ensure full legal compliance for all the steps of each project including transport, customs clearance and authorization as well as government compliance.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Quality assurance and Quality Control are strictly adhered to by our well trained and vigilant team all through the execution of the project. We support you from country of origin to destination and our team personally monitors cargo at transportation, warehousing, port of exit, import and site.