Air Freight

We are one of the top airfreight forwarding specialists in the region. As an IATA certified agent, we provide full packages of air logistics solutions through major airlines. Our operations cover more than 185 countries via a worldwide freight network and our own managed offices in the MENA and Levant regions. UnitedDex airline shipments are pre planned, scheduled and traced with its soft solution system. We take care of your cargo�s every need including urgent delivery, temperature control, special handling or door to door delivery as well as DDP & DDU from and to any destination in the world. We also provide occasional, dedicated charter shipments.

Our airfreight service portfolio includes:

Door to Door Delivery

UnitedDex door to door deliveries cover a broad range of service: Door to door, door to airport, airport to airport and airport to door. We offer the same Express transportation from any point of origin to any destination worldwide with maximum flexibility and competitive rates. Our transit times will always be predefined, our pricing predictable and our services catered to all cargo sizes and weight categories. We also provide local customs clearing on request.

Urgent Deliveries

UnitedDex provides a fast and reliable airfreight service when you need your goods shipped within a short transit time. Our system�s flexibility allows us to ship on first out and with direct flights when available. Urgent deliveries are treated as a priority with every effort made to ensure the fastest service possible.

Economical Shipments

When time requirements are flexible, UnitedDex offers a reduced price package with slightly extended transit times. Our broad service options include: Door to door, door to airport, airport to airport and airport to door. We provide maximum cost savings, pre-planned transit times, and complete visibility and traceability.


UnitedDex is among the few companies that have access to tarmacs that handle chartered flights. We offer competitive prices for IL76, AN 124 & AN22 to any destination worldwide and deliver to remote areas. We also act as a shipping agent for any charter vessel and ensure its handling at the port of Beirut. This option is ideal for oversized and heavy shipments that can�t be combined with other cargo. We are able to carry a wide range of products including car and airline parts, perishables, and motor engines.


As we regularly receive consolidated cargo, air freight consolidation is part of UnitedDex core services portfolio. We offer personalized customs brokerage and declaration services worldwide, promising safe and secure delivery to final destination. Our close relationship with major worldwide carriers makes us flexible enough to organize and schedule flights and provide unrivaled, chartered consolidation services.

Multimodal Services

UnitedDex multimodal services combine the speed of airfreight and the economy of sea freight shipments to offer speedy, cost effective solutions. This is an ideal option for cost sensitive and less time critical shipments throughout Asia, Europe, and North and South America as it costs 50% less than air transport and is 50% faster than sea freight.