Whether you�re moving home or relocating your business, UnitedDex can provide you with professional removals and delivery services covering international and domestic shifts.

We understand that moving is a life changing event. Our professional team makes removals as easy as possible, with our expertise in safe packaging, unpacking, assembly, smooth transportation and secure storage.

We work closely with our clients, providing you with the benefit of our exceptional experience in a wide range of services:

Home Removals

Moving homes is an important milestone; one that can significantly impact your lifestyle and routine. The UnitedDex team handles the complex logistics part, allowing you to enjoy the exciting changes that your move brings.

We ensure the efficient, safe and reliable relocation of all your home furniture, accessories, paintings and even clothes from and to any local or international destination.

Every relocation activity is led by a project manager that is in charge of the complete Move Management Project, guaranteeing you a single point of contact for the whole operation.

All UnitedDex clients have the option to track their home move operation with the company�s soft solution system that provides complete visibility throughout the move.

Business Removals

We understand the stress that affects your employees during business relocations, and the effect this frustration can have on productivity.

Our services cover small and large businesses moving locally or abroad, providing a reliable and cost effective move to your new offices while keeping your business running.

Our project manager works closely with you to fulfil your business requirements, and oversees a smooth running operation that won�t interrupt your flow of business.

Transportation Management

For domestic moves, UnitedDex operates an inland fleet with ships of various sizes, providing flexible transportation that suits your needs.

For international relocations, we select the best air or sea shipping line that will guarantee a cost effective and time saving relocation.

The transportation operation is completely visible with our soft solution system, specifically catered to your move.

Safe Packing, Unpacking & Assembly

We provide all packaging material including crates, bubble wrap, nylon wrap, double sided carton and shredded papers to ensure that hard or fragile products are transported in a safe and secure way. All packing materials are carefully labelled to guarantee that everything is moved to the right location at your new premises.

We offer customized white glove services and speciality equipment for the safe packing and transportation of your most delicate and valuable goods.

Our dedicated and professional team also offers a wide range of unpacking and assembly services, for household and office fixtures such as kitchens, bedrooms, and paintings, as well as desks, printers and computers.

Secure Storage

UnitedDex provides large storage spaces, fully managed, staffed, and completely controlled through its IT solution, with clean, safe, temperature controlled rooms, ideal for storing your possessions.

All household or office furniture is stored in a way that is convenient for you, giving you complete and easy access with assistance from our staff.

Moving is stressful, but we make it easy with our team�s broad experience and expertise and our system�s flexibility, made to facilitate the move of your home or corporation.